About Us

Intelligent Engineering (IE) has developed and commercialised SPS.  Working closely with our partners we look to build markets for SPS, provide technical advice, secure materials approvals and continually advance SPS technology.   We have a team of 60 professionals working out of offices in Europe, North America and Asia and production facilities in Europe and South Korea.

SPS is approved by key regulatory authorities around the world. We have demonstrated that SPS makes maritime and civil engineering structures – such as ships, offshore platforms, bridges and buildings – stronger, lighter, faster to build, longer lasting, safer, more environmentally friendly and less expensive.

  • Rory Tapner photo

    Rory Tapner

    Rory Tapner is the Chairman of the IE Group. Rory was CEO of the international private banking group Coutts from late 2010 to 2015. Prior to that, Rory was Chairman and CEO of UBS Group in Asia Pacific between 2003 and 2009 and a member of UBS Group's Executive Board. Today, Rory spends his time assisting smaller companies and working in pro bono roles such as the Chairman of British Ski & Snowboard.

  • David Glover photo

    David Glover

    David Glover is the Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Engineering (UK) Limited, joining in November 2014. David has a strong engineering, business and delivery background from his years with Arup, and more recently as the Global Chief Executive of Building Engineering at AECOM.

  • Stephen Kennedy photo

    Stephen Kennedy

    Dr Stephen Kennedy is the Chief Technology Officer. He is the inventor of SPS and has a distinguished career in applied research. Formerly a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carleton University in Ontario, Canada, he specialised in the design and behaviour of steel structures, including buildings, ships and bridges.

  • Paul Bradford photo

    Paul Bradford

    Paul Bradford is the Chief Financial Officer.  He  has previously held Managing Director and Finance Director roles with a number of start-ups and rapid growth businesses before joining IE.

  • Tim Kennedy photo

    Tim Kennedy

    Tim Kennedy is the Operations Director, with over 25 years construction management experience. He is responsible for the fabrication and installation of all SPS Projects. Tim is a professional engineer (P.Eng), with an MSc in Civil Engineering and an MBA (IMD).