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Bridge Strengthening

SPS offers scope for the economic repair, strengthening and expansion of existing bridges. Initially developed to reinstate the strength and stiffness of vehicle decks on ships, SPS Overlay creates a stiff SPS plate over the existing degraded steel bridge deck without the intrusive complexity of deck replacement.

With traffic loads and frequency increasing, made worse by decreasing wheel contact areas, the existing orthotropic steel bridge deck inventory will need to be replaced or strengthened due to fatigue.

SPS Overlay offers a fast and cost-effective answer to orthotropic steel bridge strengthening. Road and rail bridges can be strengthening from above or below.

Bridge Strengthening
Bridge Strengthening
SPS - The Sandwich Plate System

Intelligent Engineering (IE) Company Profile
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Van Oord Jan Steen
To download a case study about the repair undertaken on Van Oord's rock carrier the Jan Steen, click here