SPS is an alternative to reinforced concrete in stadia construction.

  • SPS Stadia terraces are 80% lighter, permitting lighter frames and foundations.

  • SPS can span up to 16m/52ft.

  • SPS provides diaphragm action. SPS Terraces eliminate the need for in-plane horizontal bracing for stadia.

  • SPS Terraces are designed to act compositely with steel frames.

  • Prefabrication allows faster and safer stadium construction.

  • SPS is an architecturally versatile material.

  • At the end of a venue’s life the SPS terraces can be readily demounted and reused on future projects. The two temporary wing-like seating stands containing SPS terraces at the Aquatics Centre, London 2012 Olympics were sold on for re-use in a new venue.

SPS Stadia

  • USTA Flushing Meadow Grandstand, New York, US

  • London Olympic Stadium – West Stand Mid Tier, UK

  • Mississippi State University Softball Stadium, US

  • Liverpool Football Club, UK

  • Studio City, Macau, China

  • San Jose Earthquakes, Avaya Stadium, US

  • Philippine Arena

  • National Gymnastics Arena, Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Aquatics Centre, London 2012 Olympics, UK

  • USTA Flushing Meadow Court 17, New York, US

  • Georgia Tech Athletic Association, US

  • O² Dublin, Ireland

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